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VEEMEE welcome you to the opening of the recently re-discovered Home-Grown Laboratory (HGL).

HGL was a top-secret facility tasked with creating super solders. Designed for combat in a post-atomic war battlefield, the resulting Creatures were superb fighters but terrible soldiers. Troops, Critters, Sonics and Undead – all became aggressive and unruly, only wanting to fight each other, causing the program to be mothballed & the Laboratory sealed.

Now the HGL has been opened once again, allowing the Creatures to do what they love most; Fighting! Roam the Laboratory and gaze in wonder at the Technology of the Ancients – the Datavisualator, Inductofusionator, Magnetotelescope, Genetomutatosphere & Atomoscillotron. We’ve worked out what the Coffee Machine is for but if you have any ideas about the others please tell us – we’d love to know…

You are invited to the HGL Public Space where every player gets 5 free turns of the combat game, allowing you to try fighting with all 4 Creatures before you decide which to buy! Owners can purchase Creatures to continue to fight with at the nearby Shopatron2000 store. The HGL Creature Habitat apartment is also available, along with a variety of clothing items to cheer on your Creature. Choose from a range of Foam hands, stylish Letterman Jackets, Hoodies and head icons to show your support.

The HGL Combat game is set in the middle of the Laboratory. Match your Creature against another in frenetic 5-round, Two-Player battles and watch your climb up the leaderboard. Time your attacks, protect your health and build your momentum to smash your opponents. Success in the HGL Combat game awards a trophy cabinet with 9 unlock-able achievements as well as a number of special Winners reward items. This stylish HGL cabinet displays all of the trophies you have unlocked in HGL Combat and can be placed in any Personal Space.

The HGL Creature Habitat is the perfect place to unwind and look after your Creature. The 3-floor apartment comes equipped with a huge Pen for your Creatures to exercise in, the ability for owners to change Creatures (also know as the Envirochangeotron), update their dynamic backgrounds, a viewing platform, leaderboards and lots of space to set up your experiments….

Service: Sound design, special FX and Foley.



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